Clairvoyant Kaye


Tarot & Pamistry Reader

I inherited my psychic ability from my Grandmother - Bless her! - who used to read the tea leaves.

I have been a practising reader for nearly 30 years both in the UK & abroad and have appeared in the National ( News of the World) & Local (Newbury Weekly News Magazine) Press and on TV (Mystic Challenge) and on BBC Radio.

I am a Spiritual Healer trained by the National Ferderation of Spiritual Healers where I developed my clairvoyant skills.

I developed my mediumship skills by sitting in a Development Circle for 2 years.

I have helped the Police in their search for Missing Persons.

01635 521462

0781 371 5691



R14 1TL

                                    Tarot & Palmistry Reader ~ Spiritual Medium & Healer

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Tarot & Palmistry Reader ~ Spiritual Medium & Healer